One of the most interesting parts of Bit's editor is the widget bar. Smart widgets allow you to add images, files, code blocks, math equations, and more to your Bit document.

Follow these steps to access the smart widgets:

1. 👉🏼 Once your document is open, click anywhere on the body of your document to activate the (+) circle icon. 

2. 👉🏼 Click the (+) circle icon to activate your widget bar. 

3. 👉🏼 Once activated you can click on any of the widgets to insert the following items into your Bit document:

  • Add an image.
  • Add a file directly to your Bit Document. 
  • Add a text block to insert text between content blocks. 
  • Add a weblink / rich embed to your Bit document.
  • Add a divider to separate content.
  • Add code block to add code snippets in your technical documents.
  • Add a math equation using Latex. 
  • Add digital assets from your content library. Your content library automatically stores content that you've added to other Bit documents and want to reuse. 

🎙 Widgets will be increasing over time. If you have any requests for additional widgets message us on our in-app chat or email us at

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