allows you to think beyond text and images you are use to including in your documents. In addition to adding files, you can also include the following types of rich media by pasting the shareable link in a blank line in a Bit document and hitting enter. See Gif below:

Here is a list of rich media embeds that integrate and display within your Bit document:

🎥 Video 

👫 Social 

📂 Cloud Files 

📈 Presentations 

🖥Spreadsheets / Databases

️ Survey/Forms/Polls

📊 Charts

  • 📊Lucidcharts
  • 📊Tableau
  • 📊Chartblocks 
  • 📊Amcharts  

✅ Tasks/Schedule

  • ✅Trello Cards & Boards
  • ✅Calendly
  • ✅Google Calendar
  • ✅Airtable Calendar

🎨 Graphic Design Tools 


🚗 Maps

🎤 Music 

📷 Images & Gifs

🚀 Product Launches

🤓 Publications

For visuals on how these embeds look, review this blog post on Bit's rich media embeds.

🎙 If you have any questions or suggestions, please message us on our in-app chat or email us at

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