Bit documents have been created to be a faster, dynamic and more interactive way to communicate. Part of the speed and agility comes from removing complex design decisions, so that Bit users can focus on the knowledge they need to share and collaborate on.

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There are two main ways to change the look of your document:

1️⃣ The First Way: Choose from Over 70+ Templates

👉🏼1.  Once inside a workspace, Click on 'Create new.'

👉🏼2.  Next, choose 'From Template.' 

👉🏼3. You'll see a beautiful template gallery appear allowing you to choose from a wide variety of templates so that you can get started creating smart modern documents in minutes. 

2️⃣ The Second Way: Theme Design

There are a variety of different document themes you can choose from and you'll see your entire document will become updated with that theme style. You can also choose a primary color and all the right elements of your your document will become automatically updated with your new color choice. 

The best part is you won't have to waste anytime highlighting and adjusting the font size, colors of your document as you do with legacy document platforms (i.e. Word, Google Docs, etc.) 

👉🏼1.  Once your document is open, click  the 'More button' on the far right of the top bar. 

👉🏼2.  From the dropdown menu click on 'Design Theme.'

👉🏼3.  A pop-up will open allowing you to select your primary theme color and choose any of the themes.

 👉🏼4. You'll see that your entire Bit document will adjust automatically to that theme. 

The theme design will affect your headers, hyperlinks, quote blocks and tables. 

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