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Follow these steps to edit the file title and description in your Bit documents:

1. 👉🏼 Open any Bit document, click on any blank line and activate the (+) circle icon. 

2. 👉🏼 Click the (+) circle icon. Once opened, you can click the 'Image/File' widget.

4. 👉🏼 After the file has been uploaded, click on the blue more button (three dots) on the top right corner of your file attachment. 

5. 👉🏼 From there you will be able to change the file size to default, preview, full preview or small. Click the settings wheel.

6. 👉🏼A popup will appear allowing you to add a title and description to your file. Once you're done click 'save'.

7. 👉🏼You'll see your file and text automatically update. 

Here are quick examples the various ways your file will display with the title and description:



3️⃣Full Preview (title and description don't show)

4️⃣Small (only title will display)

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