In legacy document platforms like Word and Google Docs, when you add a web link in a document it shows exactly how you copied it. It generally looks something like this: 

Inside a Bit document, when web links are added to blank lines they automatically display as visual content. Regardless of whether you share a link from a website, article, YouTube video, Google Spreadsheet, Typeform, Airtable, etc. Bit makes your information automatically display in the best visual way.

🎥 Watch this video to learn more👇

Follow these directions to turn web links into a visual display of content: 

1. 👉🏼 Open any Bit document and click on a blank line.

2. 👉🏼 Paste any web link. 

3. 👉🏼Your content will automatically be fetched and displayed in the most engaging way.

💡Bit Tip: For a complete list of Rich Embed Integrations and what they look like go here.

4. 👉🏼If it's a website or article, it'll look like the image below and will automatically fetch a picture, title and description. 

5. 👉🏼You can click on the three dots in the top right corner of the widget and resize your content or edit the title and description of it. Here is what the various weblink views look like:

1️⃣ Default

2️⃣ Large Image

3️⃣ No Image

4️⃣ Plain Link

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