Bit's documents are smart enough to read any weblink and automatically transform that link into visual content. Just enter any weblink ( on a blank line. Bam! The content will show up beautifully.

With Bit you can copy and paste a Giphy weblink on a blank line of a Bit document and Bit will automatically display your image inside of your document. No more dealing with messy iFrame/embed code!

Follow these simple steps to add Giphy links or any weblink into your Smart Bit Documents:

πŸŽ₯Watch this Video Tutorial:πŸ‘‡

Step-by-Step Directions:

πŸ‘‰1. Go to the Giphy platform and click on the 'Copy Link' tab top copy the shareable link of the GIF you want to embed.

πŸ‘‰2. Now go to and paste the 'weblink to a blank line on your Bit document.

πŸ‘‰3. You will see that Bit will automatically fetch your link and convert it into a beautiful rich embed.

πŸ’‘Here are a Few Ways to Use Image Assets in Documents:

Popular Image App Integrations:

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