Bit's workspaces are built to scale as your team, work, projects, clients, partners, contractors and vendors grow. It's important to understand from the get go that as your organization goes through transformations - Bit's system adapts with you and your needs regardless of how your organization is setup and employees are located.

Here are the most important workspace tips & tricks to make you and your teams incredibly productive:

TIP #1

6 Types of Workspaces Your Team Needs to Create

You and your team can create an unlimited amount of workspaces. Each team member will only see the workspaces they have access to. We understand every organization, industry and team is different, but what we've found that leads to organization success, time saved and increase in productivity is by having all admins, managers and members create workspaces with the following structure:

1. 🏒Company wide workspace (i.e. Acme Company)
2. πŸ‘«One workspace per department / team (i.e. Tech Team, Marketing)
3. πŸš€Large project based workspaces with specialized teams & goals
4. 🀝Client dedicated workspaces (i.e. customer success, sales, client, etc.)
5. πŸ‘Partner / Vendor / Contractor dedicated workspaces (i.e. outside members, and internal members)
6. πŸ˜ƒEach team member should create their personal workspace (i.e. πŸ”’My Workspace)

TIP #2

Workspace Naming Conventions

We recommend that you use names that are familiar to the collaborators you are adding to help avoid duplication. Here are some suggestions:

1. 🏒Company wide workspace

  • Acme Company

2. πŸ‘«One workspace per department / team.

  • Tech Team

  • Design Team

  • HR Department

  • Executive Team

  • Operations Department

  • Research Department

  • Marketing Department

3. πŸš€Large / Long-term project based workspaces with specialized teams, goals & coordination.

  • Project X

  • Product Launch Y

  • Compliance

  • Company Press

  • Competitive Research

4. 🀝Client dedicated workspaces

  • Prospect A (i.e. Internal Team only)

  • Client A (i.e. Internal Team only)

  • Client A Project - (i.e. Internal Team, client A, etc.)

5. πŸ‘Partner / Vendor / Contractor dedicated workspaces

  • Partner A (i.e. Internal Team only)

  • Partner A Project - (i.e. Internal Team, client A, etc.)

6. πŸ˜ƒEach team member should create their personal workspace

  • πŸ”’My Workspace

  • Personal Workspace

  • My Name

πŸ’‘BIT TIP: How to add emojis to your workspace name?

Use these keyboard shortcuts to add emoji's anywhere inside Bit:

  • 🍎Mac Users: [COMMAND] + [CTL] + [Spacebar]

  • πŸ’ PC Users: [WIN] + [Period]

TIP #3

Customize Workspace Icons

Customize your workspace icons to help you and your team to easily identify workspaces. Images are processed 16,000x faster than words:) You can click on the settings tab on any workspace and update your workspace icon. You can choose from colors or upload an icon.

Here are some tips for making your workspace icons look great:

  1. Add Photography Images

  2. Add Brand Icons

  3. Add Icons

For best quality use these icon dimensions:

TIP #4

Add Workspace Descriptions

When you go to the settings tab, you'll see an option to add a workspace description. This is always a good idea to add a few words so that everyone knows that they need to do within the space. This is helpful when you create a brand new workspace, if you hire new colleagues and add them, or if you have new team members added to a workspace.

Short phrases and lists are typically sufficient. Here are some examples:

  • HR Training Doc Modules

  • API Documentation

  • Campaigns, Reports & Meeting Notes

TIP #5

Invite Collaborators

Think about the workspace you are creating and who needs to be a part of the workspace? Everyone who is invited to the workspace will have access to the documents and content library inside of it. Invite collaborators you trust, who need to access information in their workspace to get work done.

You can invite:

  • Managers

  • Employees

  • Interns

  • Contractors

  • Vendors

  • Partners

  • Clients

  • Prospective Customers

  • and more!

πŸ’‘BIT TIP: Advance permissions is on it's way! Get ready for full access, edit, comment only & guest access!

Final Words

Bottom line, Bit's workspaces are flexible and can work according to your companies needs and workflows. Have fun scaling your organizations knowledge in one beautiful, smart and clean interface.

πŸŽ™ If you have any questions or suggestions, please message us on our in-app chat (click on the [?] on the top bar of Bit's platform and select chat with us) or email us at

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