Adding collaborators to a workspace is an important part of using Bit to its full potential. You and the collaborators who join your workspace can work together in real-time.

There are three ways to add collaborators to your workspace:

  1. One method is by adding existing team members who are part of your Bit organization.

  2. Another method is to invite brand new members to your Bit organization.

  3. The third method is to invite free guests to your Bit organization. Guests can only comment or read documents.

In this article, we will teach you how to add guests to your Bit organization.

How to invite new guests to your organization and add them to a workspace

If you're an admin or manager of your organization with the Business Plan, follow these steps:

👉🏼1. Once signed in, click on 'Workspaces' on the left sidebar.

👉🏼2. Select an existing 'workspace' you want to add collaborators to or create a 'New Workspace' that you want to add collaborators to.

👉🏼3. Once your workspace is open, you can invite collaborators either by click on the (+) symbol or clicking on the 'Settings' tab.

👉🏼4. A collaborator pop up will open up. It will display the current collaborators in the workspace.

👉🏼5. To add new guests to your Bit organization click on the 'Guests' tab on the left side of the popup.

👉🏼6. Once it's open, click on the 'Invite Guests' button on the bottom right corner of the popup.

👉🏼7. Next, a pop up will open. Enter the email addresses of the new guests you would like to invite to your account for free.

👉🏼7. Add the workspaces you want to add them to. Don't miss this step. It's important that your guests have a workspace they can access.

👉🏼8. Click 'Send Invitations.'

👉🏼9. An email invitation will be sent to them asking them to join your organization.

👉🏼10. Once they join they will be added automatically to the workspaces you invited them to. You'll receive an email letting you know when they have been added to the workspace.

👉🏼11. This is the view that your guest will see when they enter the workspace. They will not be able to see the content library, settings, or insights.

🎙 If you have any questions or suggestions, please message us on our in-app chat (click on the [?] on the top bar and select chat with us) or email us at

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