Guests that join your organization can remain as guests indefinitely, can be deactivated or you can convert them to members.

You will be billed according to your plan when you convert your guest to a member. It's important to note that that once the guest is converted to a member they can create workspaces, create documents and collaborate with team members.

Their permission levels will remain as read only or comment only for the workspaces they were added to as a guest. Anyone with full access can change the permission levels to editor access or full access.

Follow these directions to learn how to convert a guest to a member:

👉 1. Click on your profile on the bottom of the left sidebar of the application.

👉 2. Click on team management in the dropdown menu.

👉 3. The team management section will open up. Click on the guest tab.

👉 4. Locate the guest you want to convert into a member and click on the three dots button (...) on the far right side. Select the 'Convert to Member' option.

👉 5. A pop up will display asking you to confirm the role change. Click confirm.

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