Here is how you can edit workspace permissions of your collaborators:

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1️⃣ How to assign workspace permissions

👉🏼1. Select an existing 'workspace' you want to assign workspace permissions to.

👉🏼3. Once your workspace is open, you can invite collaborators either by clicking on the (+) symbol or clicking on the 'Settings' tab.

👉🏼4. A collaborator pop up will open up. It will display the current collaborators in the workspace. You'll see and access permission assigned to them. You can click on that permission to change it. (You can do the same thing in the Guest section of the popup.)

👉🏼5. To add additional teammates start typing their names and they will start to auto-populate. Click the name of the teammate you want to add. (You can do the same thing in the Guest section of the popup.)

👉🏼6. Then, choose the permission level you want to grant the collaborator. You can choose from full access, edit only, comment only, or read-only.

  • Full Access: Can edit, invite, share & manage

  • Edit Only: Can edit & share

  • Comment Only: Can read & Comment

  • Read Only: Can only read

👉🏼7. An email and in-app notification will be sent to them alerting that they have been added to your workspace.

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