Once your team is up and running, we encourage you to create a workspace dedicated to Bit. Here are some ideas of what you can do in that space.

  • Set up a pinned doc and encourage questions & feedback. Check it weekly.

  • Celebrate your team's early victories big & small! How many wikis have been built across how many teams, training manuals, client materials, etc.

  • Set up a safe space where teams can play with features without fear they will break something.

  • Try a 'day without email challenge' to see if your team can go an entire day or week without sending any email to one another opting for Asana instead.

You’ll also want to create a Bit document for onboarding new teammates so they can get up to speed quickly. Check out our Bit employee onboarding for inspiration and consider integrating Bit onboarding with your general employee onboarding process.

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