Step 1: Get Familiar with

  • Go through the Bit Academy

  • Play around with the platform for free

  • Book a demo with one of our customer success teammates

Step 2: Define Your Why

  • What needs & opportunities brought you to Bit?

  • Why do you need Bit now?

  • What are your measures of success?

  • Who will be leading the charge?

  • Convene your Bit Adoption Alliance

  • Write your 'Why Bit?' statement

Step 3: Design Your First Workflow

  • Identify your first workflow

  • Build your Bit workflow through workspaces and documents.

  • Send a kickoff email to your team

Step 4: Invite Your Team

  • Invite team members to a collaborative Bit workspace.

  • Pin a document to welcome your team and provide resources for them.

  • Host a kickoff meeting introducing your team to Bit

  • Assign self-serve introductory training to all team members

  • Conduct a live training on team-specific workflows

  • Send conversations to your team celebrating the launch of Bit

  • Celebrate your wins!

Step 5: Ensure Future Success

  • Reinforce your conventions

  • Ensure that Bit is your single source of truth

  • Document a learning plan for new team members

  • Survey your team

  • Review progress towards success metrics

  • Communicate wins and progress to executive sponsors & stakeholders.

Next Steps

  • Become a Bit Ambassador

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